Simple Car Organization project

It is hard to believe that it is almost the weekend!!! & then Thanksgiving is next week- WOW! Until a couple of days ago I literally thought we had one more week until Thanksgiving week. Whoops!

With these holidays coming up we are bound to be spending more time in our cars. Driving from house to house for meals, maybe traveling out of town for get togethers. How frustrating is it to be in the car and not being able to find something that you need! So today I am bringing you a quick and easy project that can help ease that frustration. What’s really fun is this can be completely customized for each person or car. This is also something that I used my Silhouette for, but it’s not necessary to have one in order to do this fun project!

I bring you- a simple car organization project!!!


I started with an empty tote

Gathered up the items I wanted to make sure I had while traveling

Put all the items inside!

Using my Silhouette I made a vinyl cutout. Again you could use a variety of different things in place of this. Stickers, labels- just get creative with it!

And the finished product!


What I love about this project:

  • It can be made up quickly
  • Inexpensive- most of these items were in the travel section at the store
  • Easy to personalize- just change out the items & get creative with your sticker or label
  • You could give it as a gift

I got my Silhouette several years ago, so this is a newer version, but if you are in the market for one here is a great deal on Amazon with lots of extras- it is also a great item to ask Santa for 🙂

Do you have any tricks or tips for keeping your car organized? I am always looking for some new ones 🙂 Please share!!!

Thanks so much for stopping by!!

Faith ♥

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