Weekly Menu 9/25/17

Welcome to another Monday & another weekly menu! I hope your meal planning is going GREAT & you are all ready to tackle the week ahead of you!! If you’re not- hopefully I can give you some great recipe ideas to help make your menu come together easier this week! We had a fun packed weekend. Our kids both went to Homecoming, my friends had a nice brunch to celebrate my birthday, I hugged an Alpaca at an Alpaca farm & we got some things done around the house and grocery shopped~ just to name a few things!!



Pork Shoulder Roast- this recipe comes from The Pioneer Woman! Have you heard of her? I love her show on Food Network. She doesn’t typically make healthy meals, but I have learned to adapt them a little, by making some simple changes. I personally make this into a crockpot meal, just because it works great for us on Mondays to do a crockpot meal.

The edits I make are:

  • When making the marinade/sauce I go step by step, per the recipe except I sub out the sugar- instead of brown sugar, I use coconut sugar
  • To make it into a crockpot meal, after making the sauce I coat the entire pork roast in the crockpot, flipping it around in it so it coats all sides. Then I put it on low and cook it all day long, over 12 hours

It makes the best shredded pork EVER! You can put it on tortillas, make it into a bowl with rice,or cauliflower rice, or just eat it by itself really- it’s that good.


Cool Ranch Tacos -this site has some great crockpot meals.  When I made this for the first time in this post a couple of weeks ago, my husband fell in LOVE with them. They were so easy. He doesn’t easily fall in love with chicken recipes, so that says something in itself. Again this could be served with tortillas, rice or cauliflower rice. Depending on your level of carb intake 🙂


Spaghetti Pie- I get most of my veggies from a CSA that I belong to from a local farm in our area. So when this weeks pickup had a spaghetti squash in it, I knew I HAD to make this. This is another recipe that I found when I was strict paleo & it is still one of the mainstays in our meals~especially when it is fall time! I highly recommend her blog PaleOMG and her cookbooks. She has an awesome sense of humor and amazing recipes.


Breakfast- Scrambled eggs with some add ins- chopped up cherry tomatoes (fresh from my garden), spinach torn into small pieces and feta cheese. It tastes good & it good for you! This is a great way to incorporate veggies into breakfast!

Paleo Honey Biscuits is one of the best paleo biscuits I have ever had. They have a slight cornbread taste to them & they are really YUM! This comes from a website Against All Grain which is  FULL of healthy recipes. 




Out to eat


BLEATS~  BLT’s but better!! Add a fried Egg and sliced Avocado and you have yourself a little slice of heaven!

Well that’s it for our week of meals! Remember also to check out Organizing Junkie for a ton more ideas if you need them!!

Thanks so much for stopping by!

Faith ♥

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