Weekly Menu 11/6/17

Happy Monday & weekly menu day! I hope you had a great weekend that left you rested and ready for the week. Speaking of that, I have been trying to focus on getting enough sleep lately.  Because tend to not sleep great, I have been working on finding ways to get better sleep and have recently found some great options! So I am very thankful for that! The difference that I notice, when I get enough sleep is tremendous. Anyone else struggle with sleep issues? It really effects EVERYTHING!!

We had a fun little girls trip over the weekend with my daughter,  one of my best friends and her daughter. Our plan was to tent camp & empower our daughters to be able to learn some skills that traditionally are not taught to our girls. Turns out by the time we could all get together, the weather was a little too cold to tent camp, so we found a cute little cabin to stay in, but we did get to teach them (an who am I kidding, learn ourselves) to start a fire! It was a really fun time with some great activities, laughing, sharing stories, and learning new things!


On to the menu for the week!


We ended up going out to dinner last night so I made the pan fried burgers that I had planned for last night, tonight. It is such a quick and easy meal to throw together!  I added some frozen green beans & some new tortilla chips that are Grain Free & they are good! Siete is the brand & they are made with Cassava flour I had them with a guac pack.

I provided a link to Amazon so you could see them if you wanted, but I purchased them at Fresh Thyme for $4.99 & I have seen them at several other stores as well!



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Taco Seasoning
Recipe Notes

In a small bowl mix all of the ingredients together.

Makes enough taco seasoning for 2 lbs of meat

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Except I am going to try it out in the crockpot and use chicken thighs!




Crockpot Beef Fajitas


Out to eat


BLEATS- if you don’t know what these are you are truly missing out.  Imagine a  traditional BLT’s but you add an egg(fried) and avocado. They are pretty much one of the most amazing things you’ll ever have, so you should definitely try it if you haven’t.


So there it is! Have you guys tried out an Instapot? I am thinking about getting one (maybe I’ll ask Santa this year), but want some opinions on it before I commit! If anyone has any advice or experience with it- let me know!!

If you need more menu ideas check out Organizing Junkie! 

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