Weekly Meal Plan

Weekly Meal Plan

Monday- out to eat for a Birthday dinner!

Tuesday- Taco Tuesday served with guacamole and cauliflower rice

Wednesday- Meatloaf with broccoli and potatoes. I am going to try a new recipe for my Meatloaf this week Bacon Cheeseburger Meatloaf from PaleOMG. If you are looking for Paleo ideas- this blog is the best! Not only will you laugh out loud while reading what she has to say about life, but you will find some amazing recipes!

Thursday- Pork shoulder with asparagus

Friday- Leftovers (I think building in a left over day is key to not wasting food, there is nothing worse than throwing out food so I have found that this is a good way to stop that from happening)

Saturday- Crockpot Swedish Meatballs with zucchini or sweet potato noodles (I like to buy pre-made zucchini or sweet potato noodles. luckily they are easy to find now. Maybe someday I will invest in a gadget that I can make my own)

Sunday- BLEATS ~ these are so yummy! Your standard BLT but add in the E(egg) and the A(avocado)

Meal Plan tip of the week:

Try to set aside some time on the weekend to make several batches of something that you use a lot. For us that would be taco meat! Then freeze it (don’t forget to put a date on it). If you do this with several of your standard meals, when it comes time for your weekly meal plan time~ you already have one done!

To make that process easier I found a handy dandy helper!!

It is this Hands Free HolderĀ 







It makes any meal prep easy! The baggie just attaches to the built in clips and you can fill it with whatever you are making.

This works great for things like

  • taco meat
  • chili
  • soup
  • spaghetti meat sauce
  • separating out veggies for the week

Thank you so much for stopping by. Please let me know some of your meal planning ideas.



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