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Wellness Wednesday~ getting a good nights sleep

Oh my goodness~ it is the LAST day of January. On this “Wellness Wednesday” I am talking about getting a good nights sleep. This has definitely been a struggle for me.  Anything that I am worrying about likes to replay in my head right when I am trying to go to sleep. Ugggg. It is frustrating!! When we don’t get a good nights sleep EVERYTHING is effected. Focusing on my word of the year PEACE~ Sleep is a huge part of that.

Top 7 things that I am doing to get a good nights sleep:

  1. Drinking Sleepy Time tea about an hour before bed ~or some nights a glass of wine 🙂

2. Taking a hot bath

3. Doing some yoga stretches  – click here for some great ones! 

4. Not looking at social media in bed

5.Diffusing a sleep blend essential oil in my room

6. Journaling right before bed, there is something about writing anything on my mind right before bed that helps

7. Using this meditation app. I can not tell you how much this alone has helped!!! Simply Being App


Thanks for stopping by for Wellness Wednesday!

Faith ♥


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