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Vision Board & my word for 2018

Have ya’ll ever heard of a vision board? A few years ago I hosted a girls night where we made vision boards- it was a fun way to spend the evening and making some goals.A vision board is basically giving you a visualization of your goals or hopes. It works best if you put it somewhere that you will see everyday.   My vision board needed some overhauling, so I took everything off of it and started fresh. Also I decided to do a “word for 2018”, I got this idea from another blog that I follow, called, she has great ideas on how to save money and posts about life in general. Here is her post on picking a “word for your year” After doing some soul searching on what I want this year, I came up with an overwhelming feeling that PEACE would be my word. So as I make my goals and think about choices that I want to make for the new year, they will all reflect back to PEACE. Doesn’t that sound peaceful 🙂


Here is how I assembled my board:

Blank slate- I found this cute cork board at Target, but you can even use a poster board! Here is a link to a similar one on Amazon. 

Assembling the parts- using paper designed for a scrapbook, similar to this linked here- (side note~ I have used this paper for multiple crafty projects or it is perfect for scrapbooking too)

The quote of the year! It is easy to be peaceful when everything is going “right”, but to remain peaceful when things are chaotic, that is real peace. Finding real peace is my number one goal for this year.

Daily goals- Here is where I write in the things that I want to make sure that I do DAILY. Big goals are great, but it is those things that we do on a daily basis that add up the most!!

Psalm 34:14

My kids and I (aka Tribe Squad) made some goals for us for the year.  We actually have a “Tribe Squad” vision board that is in the kitchen, but I also wanted to add the goals from that board on my own personal one also as a reminder.

A place for my blog goals- I would like to start a daily schedule, so this card with a spot for each day was perfect!!!

A place for my fitness goals for the year.


So there you have it, a vision board AND a word of the year! Do you have any fun ways that you are using to stick to your goals! I’d love to hear about them!! Thanks for stopping by!

Faith ♥


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