Quick lunch

Do you need a quick lunch idea?  If you are like me than the answer is YES! Or at least that is how I would of answered BEFORE I found this yummy idea!!

In an ideal world, I would cook up a bunch of chicken on the weekends to use during the week for lunches. That would probably be the best, healthiest and most cost effective way to prepare lunches for the week. But remember in the title of my blog it says REAL life. So I am going to keep it real  &  not going to pretend that is what happens most weeks.  Regardless if I have time to pre cook chicken or not,  lunch must go on! So I have tried multiple different  chicken to make lunches. I would say most of them are okay, they are just fine and I would use them. BUT I recently found pre-packaged, pre-cooked chicken that is more than fine or okay, it is actually amazingly delicious!! There is also not a bunch of fake ingredients and fake preservatives in them. So that’s a huge plus in my book!!  Here it is…

So what I do is microwave the chicken (according to the package instructions) and then chop up the chicken into bite sized pieces. Then I add a bunch of yummy veggies to a bowl, some feta cheese and a dressing.  A new favorite dressing of mine is  Primal Kitchen Greek Dressing

Then put it all together and you get a super yummy, healthy quick lunch!!

What is great about this salad idea is that you could really use it in multiple ways by just changing a few ingredients. It could be made into a wrap, you could add it over a sweet potato, it could be made into a taco bowl over rice.  I have also made this with lunch meat deli chicken and it is still amazing.

I hope you enjoy it!

Do you have a go to quick lunch? I would love to hear about it!!

Thanks for stopping by!!



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