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Happy Weekend to you!  Other than recovering from all the Christmas craziness,  we are just trying to stay warm around here! On these freeeeeeezzzing days- what is better than working on an organizing project???  Today I am going to show you how I am organizing spices in my pantry. My pantry is always a work in progress, I change up things in there a lot, but my spices have found their forever home!!! When it comes to spices, I use a lot and have found that buying in bulk works best for me! So when I found refillable spice jars I knew they were a must!!


These are easy to use and easy to change up if needed! Some of my spices (the ones I use A LOT) I have 3 jars of.


Once I get home from the grocery store I use a funnel to fill the jars


I love labeling things! This is one of the simplest ways- all you need is a sharpie and washi tape!!


If you need a new way to organize your spices- Click here to see this spice rack on Amazon & it is a prime item so if you are a prime member- it ships for FREE!!  I absolutely LOVE this spice rack & am so happy that I found it!!  

Do you have a fun way to organize your spices? I’d love to hear about it!

With New Year’s almost here I am thinking about some New Year’s Resolutions. How do you feel about resolutions?  For me, there is something about writing goals down that makes me really look forward to the coming year.  I made a vision board a couple of years ago that I will be updating for 2018,  and I am excited to show you how it turns out!

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