Organize paperwork!

Incoming paperwork – what the heck do we do with all of it? What is the best way to organize paperwork? Are you like me &  overwhelmed by all of the papers that comes in to our household? It is a struggle to figure out how to first- organize it all, second-  keep it in a place that you remember to fill out or reference it when needed, thirdly- remember to actually do something with it! In our house things tend to become put into piles and then whatever I was supposed to of turned in or done something with, doesn’t get done. ARRRRGGGGG!!

Solution:  This  3 slot file box:

  1. Folder for each slot
  2. Label them
    • To Be Filed
    • Review
    • Action
  3. Setting up a time to attend to the folders
    • Using my phone I put an alert for each Sunday evening to remind me to go through each folder. I use this designated time to also file any of the papers that are in the “To File” slot.

On the front of the file box it was our monthly calendar fit perfectly!





These reusable calendar pages I ordered from one of my favorite blogs I Heart Organizing

For us, this is another example of taking a little time to do the “prep work” that makes the rest of life go so much smoother! Earlier this week I posted about our meal plan for the week for us that is the first step in the week running smoothly, but this task- ORGANIZE PAPERWORK- helps day to day things go smooth. Once these things are organized and have a system set up , then assigned a time to complete it, there are no more crazy, last minute did this get signed, did this form get completed, etc…


I would LOVE to hear how your family organizes paperwork. Have you found a system that works for you or is it still a struggle?

Thanks for stopping by!