A Healthier way to Ring in the New Year!!

There is something about the New Year that gives us a chance to reflect on our path in life. Sometimes there are big things going on and sometimes just some tweaks here or there we need to make. Whatever spectrum of this you are on I wanted to share my ideas for A Healthier way to Ring  the New Year for the whole body- Mind, Body and Spirit!!


  • Journaling

There is nothing like writing with a pen and paper. I have been trying to journal every day and let me tell you- it is great!

If you want to journal, but it seems a little overwhelming try this One Line A Day Journal

If you need some direction with your journaling- try this one that comes with prompts on what to write called Start Where You Are

  • Reading-

I have always loved reading, I am thankful that my kids love reading too. Sometimes I use it as an escape and sometimes I use it to learn. Either way it is something that I love.

  • Practicing Mindfulness-

I have attempted meditation multiple times, but my mind wanders and is intruded with thoughts as soon as I try! Thankfully my cousin introduced me to this app called Simply Being. It starts with a guided meditation (you pick the length of time) and then music or nature sounds (again you pick the amount of time). I tried it for the first time last night & fell asleep before I even got past the guided meditation.

  • Gratitude-

I stubbled upon this website Jenniferdukeslee.com and found this gratitude challenge. 

There is a printable version on her site- If you want, join me in the next 30 days in participating. Also check out her site. After spending a small time looking through ( I have it saved to go back and look more in depth) I was really impressed!


  • My go to sites for healthy recipes-



whole 30 

  • Working out-

Get moving every day

Take walk or a jog

Sign up for a run 5K, 1/2 Marathon, Tough Mudder, Crossfit Competition or Triathlon if you need that kind of motivation to stay on task

Aaptiv- it’s an app that let’s you workout when you want, where you want, the way you want!  More than 2,500 workouts 

Find a gym that you love- the gym I go to is a Crossfit gym. The workouts and the community keep me coming back!! I try to workout 5 days a week


  • Feed your creativity-

Get crafty, scrapbook, make jewelry, paint, take a how-to class, start a blog, take pictures- whatever feeds your creativity, do it!!! Pinterest is a great resource for finding ways to be creative.

  • Daily devotional-

Picking  a daily devotional is definitely personal preference, but my favorite is called The Book of Awakening

  • Vision Board-

A vision board is a visualization of your goals, dreams and how you want to feel

Put it somewhere you will see every day

  • Use a cork board or  poster board, scrapbook paper, pictures, quotes, cutouts from a magazine
  • I will be making a post on it this week with lots of ideas!

Wherever you are on life’s journey, I hope that this New Year brings you Peace and Joy.

Thanks for stopping by!

Faith ♥


***Some of the links in my posts contain affiliate links and I will receive a small commission if you make a purchase after clicking on my link. I pinky promise I will always give my honest opinion of any product and would never recommend something if I did not use it and love it!!


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