Fitness Friday~ 2/2/18

Happy Fitness Friday & Happy February!! It’s the month of LOVE & what better way to show YOURSELF love, than by helping it to be the healthiest it can be!!! As part of Fitness Friday I want to share a quick work out you can do from home & update my weekly workouts and track my goals!! Planning for a workout! Working out doesn’t just happen- for me they need to be written in my schedule.Each week when I write out my schedule I include workouts- that gives them a priority and a time to do them. Treat your workouts just like a meeting, or any other thing  you would make happen in your day.

Fitness Friday:

Fitness Goals from my vision board post here

  1. 1/2 marathon (my training will officially start on February 12th)
  2. Improve at gymnastics movements (I did work on this Monday, see notes after the listed workout)
  3. Workout at least 5 times a week (YES)
  4. Yoga at least 1/week (I am modifying this a little by doing some yoga stretches before bed- see Wednesday Wellness post for details)
  5. Run 3/week (I got in 2 this week)
  • Total of 100 burpees & 1000 meter row
  • This sounds intimidating at first but I break it up into:
    • 10 rounds of  100 meter row and 10 burpees
  • Run 2 miles

Crossfit workout at Crossfit Lincoln

Conditioning. (I used a 10# wallball & did Hand Release pushups. I made it to the round of 38 wall balls and then turned in into an AMRAP)
On a continous 21 min clock:
In 3:00 Complete
30 Wallballs, 20/14 – 14/10 – 10/6 (or reduced reps)
10/6 Ring Dips – H.R. Pushups (or reduced reps)
Rest the remainder

In 3:00 Complete
32 Wallballs
12/8 Ring Dips
Rest the remainder

In 3:00 Complete
34 Wallballs
14/10 Ring Dips
Rest the remainder

Etc…continue until failure…once unable to complete reps within 3 min window, continue for the remainder of the 21 min with an AMRAP of the rep scheme you failed on. For example, if you failed to complete 34 WBS + 14 ring dips within the time allotted, continue as an AMRAP for the remaining 12 minutes with 34 WBS and 14 ring dips. Score = total reps completed within the 3 min windows.

*** I stayed about 15 minutes after class & worked on my toes-to-bar, which is a gymnastics movement that is in my goals to improve on 🙂 They are getting better!! I can do them, I’ve just had trouble stringing them together so that’s what I am working on. I did an EMOM (Every Minute on the Minute) for 10 minutes~ as many T2B as I could string together. I was doing 3-4 every time.


Crossfit workout at Crossfit Lincoln

In teams of 2 for max cals: (AAB=Assault Air Bike)
EMOM x 25 min
Min #1: Person 1 – Max AAB for 50 seconds
Min #2: Person 2 – Max AAB for 40 seconds
Min #3: Person 1 – Max AAB for 30 seconds
Min #4: Person 2 – Max AAB for 20 seconds
Min #5: Person 1 – Max AAB for 10 seconds
Note – on Rounds 2 and 4 person 2 will begin



  • Run for speed 1.5 miles


Crossfit workout at Crossfit Lincoln

EMOM x 10 or until failure (I used #55 & made it the full 10 minutes- it was awful!!) 
TNG UB Power Clean & Jerk – 45-55% of 1RM C&J
*Perform 1 rep on Min #1, 2 reps on Min #2, etc…until failure or 10 min are complete

AMRAP 15: (I used the 14# med ball and did double unders & was 35 double unders into the 4th round)
25 Medicine-ball cleans, 20/14 – 14/10
75 Double-unders – 150 Single-unders

I love my gym- Crossfit Lincoln, when you are there you are part of a larger community. I hope you have a gym you love! If you ever want to know more about Crossfit Lincoln- just ask. They offer a FREE class every Saturday morning at 9am!! Click here for more details. 

Thanks for stopping by! What are your fitness goals for this year? Remember- Just take one day at a time!

Faith ♥

****Any thing I talk about regarding fitness,   comes from my own personal experience, please consult with a doctor or professional before starting an exercise routine!

***Some of the links in my posts contain affiliate links and I will receive a small commission if you make a purchase after clicking on my link. I pinky promise I will always give my honest opinion of any product and would never recommend something if I did not use it and love it!!

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