DIY decorating idea~ “Canvas art” for pennies!

Do you struggle with affordable decorating ideas? One of my go-to places for ideas on a budget or DIY projects is Pinterest. Decorating can be an expensive endeavor~ so whenever I can incorporate a DIY & save some money, I am all for that!  We had an area above the door way into our kitchen, that needed something. So I turned to Pinterest for some ideas. Low and behold I found some ideas using shoe box lids to make an art piece! Could it really work and be that easy? I was willing to try it and find out! Here is what I did…

Supplies needed:

  • Shoe box lids
  • Fabric
  • Hot Glue Gun

So I started with my lids

For each of the lids, I just roughly measured the fabric around the diameter of the lid. I wanted  to have enough to be able to secure it to the back edges. My hot glue gun worked really well for this project. I would just put a little glue and then press my fabric down. Once I got to the opposite side I just pulled tightly so that there was no loose or saggy fabric on the front. You can easily flip it over to check and make sure it is looking the way you want it to.


Once I was done with all 3, I displayed them above the doorway simply leaning it against a shelf.  These would be really simple to hang freely as well.

This project was easy and very inexpensive! The best kind of DIY! What I love about fabric is that it is so versatile. Fabric allows you to customize any decorating style, because there are so many options to choose from!  I happened to have this fabric already so this project literally cost me nothing!!


What are some of your favorite decorating DIY ideas? Do you use Pinterest? I would love to hear your favorite ideas!

Thanks for stopping by!