Coffee Bar

I have a confession to make- Coffee is one of my favorite things EVER. Life would be very sad without it. So I knew that I wanted to make a coffee bar in my kitchen. It is a spot that gets used EVERY day in our house.

As with any project, starting with a blank slate is the way to go!! Take EVERY thing out of the space!! Go through each item and  make piles for Donate/Keep/Trash.


Now the space is all empty!  When you have everything out of a space, it is a great time to wipe everything out.

Then only the items that have been sorted through go back. A few storage containers I added labels to that help remind anyone on where things go! Here is a great deal on Chalkboard Labels on Amazon & it is a Prime item so if you have Amazon prime- it ships free!! The other labels I simply used a blank flash card with a sharpie & a small close pin to attach!  Labels do not have to be fancy, you don’t have to spend a ton of money or time on them, but I find that once I label something, it then gives it a “home”, which is a great way for an organizing project to stay in place.

Who doesn’t love a good coffee quote…

Here is our Ninja coffee maker which I love. It does all sorts of fun things and makes really good coffee!!  To the side I keep the add ons!  Coconut oil, ground coffee in a mason jar, cinnamon, pumpkin pie spice (for the fall) & sugar packets. This can be customized to whatever you like in your coffee!

Take a closer look at the cutest sign ever!!

My favorite coffee cups get a special place!

I love how my Coffee Bar turned out! My happy little place!!


Thanks so much for stopping by!

Faith ♥

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