Battery Organization

Well hello! Happy Fall! What a better way to start the first weekend of fall then enjoying Pumpkin Spice Creamer in my coffee and a quick and easy organization project!! Yay!

Batteries- they are pretty unexciting until you need them!  It is usually in the most inconvenient time. My son usually is in a panic because the Wi remote is about to die and he is in the middle of Supersmash bros! Talk about devastating!!

So… that brings me to a quick and easy project about Battery Organization. We used to just throw all of our batteries into a basket, but that lead to not really knowing when we were running low on a certain kind of battery. It is no fun to have a smoke detector chirping low battery at 3 in the morning, and going to the basket to get the batteries and finding out that you are OUT of that kind of battery ~Not like that’s ever happened or anything 🙂

To start this Battery Organization project:

  1. First I figured out what was the best way to store batteries: I found a simple tackle box
  2. Setup-  situate the tackle box. This tackle box has adjustable compartments, which I found REALLY handy to sort the batteries the way that I wanted to. The dividers just slip in and out of the slots.
  3.  When the batteries were in their designated slot, the tackle box just closes and latches. It makes it really simple! Again each slot is adjustable so it can be set up however works best!

What do I like about this project?

  • Easy- It was simple and straight forward to set up
  • Function- It is very simple to look and see if we are running low on anything
  • Organization- There is something about each type of battery having it’s own little place that makes me 🙂

Happy Fall & thank you so much for stopping by today!


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