Acts of Christmas Kindness Day 3

Are you following us along with our Acts of Christmas Kindness? I came across this sweet calendar listing small acts of kindness for every day in December leading up to Christmas. Click here to see what we did on  Day 1 and click here to see what we did on Day 2

Day 3 was donating toys to your favorite charity. We modified this one a bit since my kids are a little older and don’t really have a lot of toys. So we all agreed to donate at least 10 items.  When it comes to donating household items, there are so many different organizations to pick from!  There are many possibilities- places you can drop items off to, some organizations will come pick items up from you, some things you can mail in!

Click here for some handy information about donating anything from clothes to cars. 

Here are different organizations that will pick up items right from your house!

Salvation Army


Vietnam Veterans of America 

Some over looked items to donate:  **Click on each item for more information!






Used Christmas Cards

Bras- yep you can donate these!!

Stuffed Animals




There are so many ways to donate items around the house that aren’t being used anymore!  What is your favorite way to donate?

Thanks for stopping by!

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